Let's start your week off right . . . by flooding your sweet, innocent mind with three new things to worry about.

1. Your colonoscopy scope isn't clean. A new study has found that about three out of 20 gastrointestinal scopes are NOT PROPERLY CLEANED between patients. Translation: Other people's poop particles get to mingle in your colon.

The people behind the study say this is a wake-up call to doctors and hospitals that they need to be MUCH more careful sterilizing their scopes . . . because dirty scopes aren't just disgusting, they could get people sick too. (Medical Daily)

2. Giant mosquitoes are here. Back in March, there was word that a swarm of GIANT MOSQUITOES could be coming to Florida. And now, they're here. Mega mosquitoes have been spotted in central Florida.

These mosquitoes are called gallinippers, they're TWENTY TIMES the size of regular mosquitoes, and their bites HURT. (CBS 6 - Orlando)

3. And "crazy" ants are here too, chewing up your electronics. A species of ants nicknamed "CRAZY ANTS" are in the U.S. They're mainly in Texas, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

These ants love the taste of ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. So they chew through wires, which kills them . . . but gives off a scent that attracts more of them for that suicide mission. You need to have them exterminated if they show up. (ABC News)