A new survey asked 2,000 adults between 18 and 65 to name the BARE NECESSITIES of modern life.  And it's good to see we have our priorities in order.

An Internet connection came in first . . . television came in second . . . and a good best friend came in fourth.  Those all did better than a SOLID MARRIAGE, which only ranked ninth, below stuff like showers and central heating.

Here's the full list, in order . . .

1.  An internet connection.


2.  Television.


3.  Cuddling.  Yep, seriously.


4.  A trustworthy best friend.


5.  Daily showers.


6.  Central heating.


7.  A cup of tea.  (It's a British survey.  They ranked coffee 12th.  Let's assume if this was an American survey coffee would be up here and tea would be nowhere to be found.  And AC might replace central heating.)


8.  Saying "I love you" once in a while.


9.  A solid marriage.


10.  A car.


11.  Glasses.


12.  Coffee.


13.  Chocolate.


14.  A night in on the couch.


15.  A glass of wine.


16.  A good cry once in a while.


17.  A big breakfast.


18.  A nice vacation.


19.  An iPhone.


20.  Beer. 



(Daily Mail)