Be honest, guys.  Deep down, you think you're a great boyfriend.  Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're probably not . . . at least according to a list going around online.  It was put together by two girls, aged 6 and 9.  Here are our favorite traits they came up with.

1.  Nice handwriting.

2.  "Cuteness."

3.  He should like his girlfriend's parents.

4.  He's not living with HIS parents.

5.  "Nice jewelry."  We assume that means he GIVES nice jewelry, not wears it.

6.  He doesn't pick his nose.

7.  He doesn't try to kiss you on the first date.

8.  He's ALWAYS happy.

9.  He respects different religions.  (???)

10.  His last name is "not weird."

11.  He brushes and flosses.

12.  He doesn't tattle tale. 

(Huffington Post

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