According to a survey from November, one in four women want to be proposed to in some crazy, elaborate way.  And according to a new poll, that's apparently not happening.  In fact, guys are pretty much terrible at it.

Researchers polled women who are engaged, married, or divorced . . . and 21% said they were DISAPPOINTED by their proposal.  Here are the top five reasons why.


1.  He didn't make the proposal "special."

2.  He didn't get down on one knee.

3.  He didn't get her parents' blessing beforehand.

4.  The ring didn't fit.

5.  He proposed WITHOUT a ring.


Also, 45% of women said they would have been willing to fork over some of their own money to pay for a BETTER RING, while 7% said they actually DID do that.

And just to show how competitive the whole engagement thing can be for women . . . 24% claimed they don't like any of their FRIENDS' engagement rings, while 7% say they do . . . but would never ADMIT it.  (???)

 (Daily Mail)