There's a lot we still don't know about the way the body works . . . but there's also a lot we DO know.  Maybe too much. has a list of five weird things your body does, with their scientific explanations.

1.  Eye floaters.  The squiggly lines you see floating around wherever your eyes move?  They're cause by the fluid in your eyeballs getting clumpy and stringy as you age.  It doesn't mean you're going blind.  It's completely natural, and they go away later on.

2.  Brain freeze.  When you eat a lot of cold stuff fast, the top of your mouth can get too cold.  So your brain tries to warm it up by opening up arteries in the area.  And the extra blood pressure causes the headache. 

3.  Toothpaste making orange juice taste weird.  It's not because the toothpaste is too sweet.  It's because it contains chemicals that numb the sweetness receptors on your tongue . . . while opening up the bitterness receptors. 

Toothpaste will change the taste of other foods too, but it's more noticeable with things that are sweet and acidic, like orange juice.

4.  When a man gets aroused, a lot of extra blood flows into his package.  And after it's over, the body puts that blood back where it came from. 

But if the thing that SHOULD happen DOESN'T . . . some of that blood stays put, and the pressure hurts.  So ladies, when you suddenly decide to HOLD THE RUNNER AT THIRD . . . you're giving your man a brain freeze down below.

5.  Weird-smelling pee after you eat asparagus.  There are sulfuric compounds in asparagus, which don't smell bad until AFTER they break down in the body. Then the sulfur comes out in your pee, and fills the bathroom with that stench.

If you don’t know what I'm talking about, it's because only SOME people have the olfactory receptors in their nose that can detect the odor.  And now you know.