The TSA just released their annual report on all the stuff they confiscated in 2013.  And even though "funny and interesting" aren't normally words associated with the TSA, once a year, they kinda nail it.  Here are six highlights . . .

1.  The TSA confiscated 1,813 guns in carry-ons last year . . . or an average of FIVE a day.  81% of those guns were loaded.  Atlanta had the most guns confiscated, with 111, or almost one every three days.

2.  The TSA confiscated one SUICIDE VEST.  Fortunately, it was fake and filled with fake explosives . . . it belonged to an explosives training instructor.

3.  At least a dozen people were busted carrying NINJA THROWING STARS.

4.  At the Fort Lauderdale airport, TSA officers found someone carrying HUMAN SKULL FRAGMENTS inside of clay pots.  The police had to come in to investigate.  Turns out the person had bought the pots and didn't know what was inside.

5.  They found knives hidden in socks, a pen, a cane, a toothbrush holder, a pillow, a knee brace and a laptop battery compartment.

6.  And finally, a guy in Chicago was busted for carrying a mace.  Not the spray . . . the medieval weapon with a spiked metal ball on a chain attached to a wood club. 



(You can read more and see photos of everything confiscated here.)