What's something that USED to be socially unacceptable back when you were a kid, but has now become okay or considered totally normal?  Here are eight examples that show just how much society can change, and how fast . . .

1.  Living together before marriage.

2.  Calling someone after 9:00 P.M.  You used to have to worry about waking up the whole house . . . now you're just calling that person's cell phone.


3.  Using your real name on the Internet.  We used to be afraid of it . . . then Facebook and LinkedIn basically FORCED it upon us.


4.  Not responding to invitations.  When you got an invitation in the mail it was incredibly rude not to RSVP.  Now, with Evites and Facebook invitations, people rarely feel like they have to respond.


5.  Saying you don't think you need or want a college degree.


6.  Men staying at home while the wife is the breadwinner.


7.  Being a nerd.  It used to be a stigma . . . now nerd culture is huge and giant glasses are a fashion trend.


8.  Online dating.  There used to be a stigma about dating someone from the Internet . . . now it's responsible for one-third of marriages.