Plenty of sad, misguided women have spent a fortune on plastic surgery to look like a BARBIE DOLL.  But none of them has committed to it like THIS woman.



38-year-old Blondie Bennet of California has already spent $42,000 on plastic surgery to look like Barbie . . . including five breast enlargements to get her up to a 32-double-J.



But now, she's trying to become even MORE like Barbie . . . by making herself DUMBER. 



We're not sure someone who spent $42,000 to look like a child's toy really NEEDS help getting dumber, but that's not the point.



Blondie is now having HYPNOTHERAPY treatments to try to make her, quote, "brainless."  She says, quote, "I've had 20 sessions and I'm already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time.



"Recently I went to pick a friend up at the airport and couldn't remember if I needed to go to departures or arrivals.  I also got lost for three hours driving to my mom's house . . . the house where I grew up." 



(Daily Mail)



(Here are some photos of her now . . . plus a couple of how she looked at age 18 before all the surgery.)