The whole shaved head thing is more popular than ever, which is great news for balding guys.  But you have to have SOME hair to shave.  And even if you do, you have to shave it every day.  Otherwise your pattern baldness starts to show. 



Which is why this is BRILLIANT.  Weird, but brilliant.



The newest treatment for baldness is to get tiny dots TATTOOED on your scalp, so it LOOKS like you have hair . . . but you just CHOSE to buzz it short.



It's called micropigmentation, and costs between $1,500 and $5,000.  Which isn't that much compared to hair plugs, or a lifetime of Rogaine.



For your entire scalp, it takes two or three treatments.  Or you could do it in one if you're just filling in a bald spot.  A bunch of celebrities have supposedly had it done, including Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Pitbull.



Of course, the only problem is tattoos are permanent, and the remaining hair on your head probably ISN'T.  So when you lose more hair, you have to get more dots.  Otherwise you'll look like you ONLY have hair on your bald spot. 



(CBS New York)



(Check out before-and-after photos of what it looks like here.)