A lot of celebrities actually went to college.  And some of them even graduated.  Here are a few of them:



Rowan Atkinson . . . a.k.a. Mr. Bean . . . has a degree in electrical engineering.



Lisa Kudrow got a degree in psychobiology from Vassar, and initially joined her father in studying HEADACHES.  She's even credited in his study on the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches.  (!!!)



Chris Martin of Coldplay got degrees in Greek and Latin.



Queen guitarist Brian May got degrees in math and physics, and eventually went back to complete his PhD in astrophysics.



Dolph Lundgren has a Masters in chemical engineering.



Jerry Springer has a degree in political science.  He was on the Cincinnati City Council until 1974, when he had to admit he'd hired a prostitute, after his CHECK BOUNCED.  But he became MAYOR of the city in 1977.



Kenny G has a bachelor's in accounting.



Ron Jeremy has a MASTERS IN SPECIAL EDUCATION.  Yes, before becoming the most famous porno star on the planet, he was a TEACHER.



Will Ferrell has a degree in sports broadcasting from USC. 



(If you want more, you'll find a nice list of 100 celebs and their college degrees here.)