Back in 2005, a woman named Jennifer Wilbur was driving DRUNK in Skagit County, Washington. She was doing 34 on a curvy road with a 25 mile-an-hour speed limit, hopped a curb, and hit an electric pole.

Her friend Nathan Lowman was in the passenger seat at the time, and ended up with a permanently disfigured right arm. So Jennifer pleaded guilty to felony vehicular assault and Nathan sued her.

And now, Jennifer is SUING the power company . . . for putting the pole too close to the road. It was 4.47 feet from the road, and was supposed to be at least 10 feet. Yeah, they REALLY should've guessed someone would get drunk and recklessly plow into it.

And the Washington state Supreme Court just ruled that, yes, Jennifer CAN sue Puget Sound Energy for negligence. She can also sue the county for allowing the pole to go up. And Nathan can ALSO sue the power company and county.

Only one of the nine Washington Supreme Court justices voted against letting Jennifer sue. He wrote that taxpayers shouldn't have to potentially pay because a criminal hurt themselves or someone else.

(CBS 7 - Seattle / Gawker)