Here are some random facts for you . . .



1.  Rio de Janeiro is NOT the capital of Brazil . . . Brasilia is.  But Rio WAS once the capital of PORTUGAL.  In the early 1800s, the Portuguese royal family fled there to get away from Napoleon.  Lisbon became Portugal's capital again in the 1820s.



2.  There are still 51 Blockbuster locations open.  More than HALF are in Alaska and Texas . . . 13 in Alaska, 14 in Texas.



3.  A chemist named William Mitchell is credited as the key inventor behind Pop Rocks, Tang, AND Cool Whip.



4.  When Facebook was developing the Like button, the engineers all wanted it to be called the AWESOME button.  Luckily MARK ZUCKERBERG vetoed that.



5.  Eddie, the dog on "Frasier", made $10,000 per episode.  His real name was Moose, and he died in 2006 after making more than $3.2 million.



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