If you've been singing along to the radio today, so have about half the people you're sitting in traffic with.  According to a new survey, it's the most popular thing people do while driving.  Here's the top ten.



1.  Singing out loud . . . 56% of people say they do it.


2.  Talking on the phone, 50%


3.  Eating, 50%


4.  Reading text messages, 26%


5.  Sending text messages, 20%


6.  Taking photos, 13%


7.  Reading emails, 12%


8.  Sending emails, 9%


9.  Watching TV or a movie, 7%.  Remember, this is WHILE you're driving.


10.  Putting on make-up, 7%



Then things start to get even MORE dangerous.  The rest of the top 15 are:  Changing clothes, putting on deodorant, flossing your teeth, working on a laptop . . . and READING. 



(PR Newswire)