If only you'd paid extra attention in math class and become a mathlete . . .



A website called CareerCast just came out with a list of the best and worst jobs for 2014 . . . and MATHEMATICIAN is number one.  Overall, three of the top four jobs on the list are in math . . . and the other one is "professor," which could also be in math.



Jobs are ranked on different criteria in four categories:  Environment, income, outlook, and stress.  Mathematician came out on top because it pulls in big money, it's low stress, and our world is getting more math-driven so the field is growing.



The rest of the top 10 best jobs are:  Tenured university professor, statistician, actuary, audiologist, dental hygienist, software engineer, computer systems analyst, occupational therapist, and speech pathologist.



On the other end, LUMBERJACK was named the worst job . . . it's incredibly dangerous, the pay is bad, and the industry is declining.



The rest of the bottom 10 worst jobs are:  Newspaper reporter, enlisted military personnel, taxi driver, broadcaster, head cook, flight attendant, garbage collector, firefighter, and corrections officer.