Just because you're about to hit your FIFTIES doesn't mean you have to stop being cool.  Or, if you were never cool . . . hey, maybe 50 is when you're finally going to start.  It's not likely, but dare to dream, pops.



A new survey just found the things you need to do to be a "cool" 50-year-old man. Here are the top 10 things you should do . . .



1.  Embrace your baldness by shaving your head.


2.  If you have hair, keep it trimmed.  It's up to you whether you dye it or just let the gray happen . . . both are alright.


3.  Wear a good watch.


4.  Use moisturizer.


5.  If you're single, date women close to your age.


6.  Do not spray tan.


7.  Do not grow a soul patch.


8.  Don't wax your body hair, especially your chest.


9.  Don't get a facelift.


10.  Don't text your kids' friends, follow them on Instagram, or friend them on Facebook. 



(Daily Mail)