The NFL's decision to have an outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl has been a controversial one . . . and now, there are reports that the cold weather has kept the game from selling out.

 In fact, one report claims there are around 18,000 tickets remaining on the secondary market.  (???)

 Naturally, ticket prices are falling as well.  According to the "New York Post", just 10 days ago, the cheapest tickets were going for about $2,200.  Now, they're going for as low as $1,150.

 The weather is one factor . . . although it isn't expected to be as bad as it COULD'VE been, with all the frigid temperatures in the New York area so far this winter.

 But another factor is supposedly that less fans are traveling to the game . . . because it's on the East Coast, and the two teams that are playing, Seattle and Denver, are both from the West.