This lawsuit has a decent shot at making it into the FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT HALL OF FAME.  If, you know, anyone ever builds that.

In England, a woman named Jane Mulcahy filed a lawsuit against her divorce lawyers for negligence . . . because they didn't tell her a divorce meant the end of her MARRIAGE.  Apparently she's the one person on Earth who didn't know.

Jane believes her lawyers should've recognized that as a Roman Catholic, she would be against ending her marriage.  So they should've told her divorce ends the marriage . . . and steered her toward a judicial separation instead.

A few lower courts rejected the lawsuit, and somehow it made it all the way up to a national appeals court.

Fortunately, the judge there also shot it down . . . which SHOULD be the end of it.

There's no word on whether Jane got re-married to her husband so they could separate properly. 

(The Independent)