Talk about a rude awakening.  A woman woke up from a coma to discover she was four months pregnant!  Brit Gemma Holmes was in a scooter accident last fall in which she broke her back and suffered severe head injuries.  She was in a coma for about three months, and doctors didn’t expect she’d survive.  But she did- and upon waking, was informed that she was with child.  Holmes said she was “in shock” when she received the news.  She had amnesia from the accident, and couldn’t remember the last three years of her life, including how she met the baby’s father (he’s since been identified, but the couple hasn’t reunited).  Holmes decided she wanted to carry the pregnancy to term, although doctors warned her it was risky.  But this past May, Holmes gave birth to a healthy baby boy via C-section.  She calls her son, Rueben Miracle Holmes, the best thing that’s ever happened to her and says, “I may not remember how he came to me but I've got the rest of our lives to make up for that.”