John Fogerty (CCR) has taken to his YouTube channel lately to answer questions from his fans personally. One of them asks “who do you wish you could sing with if you could?” [Below]

Fleetwood Mac has been in the studio in the last month recording and it looks like the old magic is back with Christine McVie returning [Story Here]

Gordon Lightfoot talks life on the road, Jimmy Fallon and more in this new Canadian interview. [Interview Here]

The old clichéd sex, drug and rock & roll-fueled period in 1971 when the Rolling Stones almost called it quits is recounted in a new book “Ain’t It Time We Said Goodbye”. [More on the book here]

Since Carlos Santana and Rod Stewart BOTH have Vegas residencies, it was inevitable that they would eventually pop up on stage together. This is a little taste of what audiences will be getting when they tour together. [Below]