Pulaski Police Issue Search Warrants in Illegal Tattooing Investigation

Pulaski, VA - June 8, 2017.  At 7:00 P.M. last night, detectives and officers of the Pulaski Police Department executed three search warrants, in separate locations, targeting illegal tattooing operations.  All of the suspects are charged with alleged offense of tattooing without a license in violation of section 54.1-703 of the Virginia Code.

The locations where these search warrants were served included the 300 block of Meadowview Drive, the 100 block of Lake Street, and the 100 block of Tower Street.

The following suspects were arrested during the service of these warrants and all were subsequently released on a recognizance bond:

Christopher S. Alley, 26 years of age of Meadowview Drive, Pulaski, VA

Bradley A Cook, 29 years of age of Lake Street, Pulaski, VA

Timothy A. Hagee, 34 years of age of Tower Street, Pulaski, VA.

In addition to the individuals arrested above, 39-year-old Keith A Brogan of the 800 block of Bland Street, Pulaski, VA was arrested on warrants secured following a search warrant that was previously served on June 2, 2017.  He is charged with:

Tattooing without a license

Tattoo / body piercing of minors (COV 18.2-371.3)

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor (COV 18.2-371)

Pulaski Police urges anyone that received a tattoo or body piercing from these locations to contact their local health department or other medical provider and get tested for Hepatitis C.  It is of critical importance that these individuals determine their health status for the sake of their continuing well-being and to prevent the spreading of this life impacting virus to their family members or significant others.

The Department again cautions citizens that there are no currently licensed tattoo practitioners in the town or county of Pulaski.  Utilizing unlicensed individuals for tattooing or body piercing procedures places a person and their family members in extreme risk of acute or chronic health related issues.

Photo:  Getty Images 


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