Citizens Urged To Take Precautions For Extreme Cold Weather

The City of Lynchburg issued a statement Thursday afternoon cautioning residents to take care as temperatures this weekend are expected to be in the single digits and at times below zero degrees due to wind chill. 

They offer the following advice: 

  1. Limit Your Time Outdoors: wear appropriate clothing and dress in several layers. Stay dry and head inside immediately if you become wet. 
  2. Make Sure Pets Are Protected: bring outdoor pets inside, even if it's just a shed or garage. 
  3. Exercise caution when using an alternate head source like space heaters and fireplaces. Never leave heaters unattended. 
  4. Check on elderly neighbors and relatives and those who might not be able to care for themselves. 
  5. Assemble or update your home emergency kit. Items include: three day supply of water and non perishable food, medications needed for family and pets, battery powered radio, flashlight, blankets, and first aid kit. 
  6. Assemble or update your vehicle emergency kit. Items include: jumper cables, kitty litter or sand for traction, phone charger, flares or reflective triangles, a first aid kit, a flashlight, and non perishable snacks. 
  7. Be "Winter Ready" and sign up for Lynchburg Alerts

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