Animal Control Issues Warning About Cold After Dog Dies In Lynchburg

One dog died in Lynchburg this week due to cold temperatures and inadequate shelter causing the Lynchburg Police Department to issue another warning about leaving pets outside. 

A message from Cheif Animal Warden Ryan Ball was posted to the police department's Facebook page, Thursday morning. 


Ball defines adequate shelter as, "'Adequate shelter' means provision of and access to shelter that is suitable for the species, age, condition, size, and type of each animal; provides adequate space for each animal; is safe and protects each animal from injury, rain, sleet, snow, hail, direct sunlight, the adverse effects of heat or cold, physical suffering, and impairment of health; is properly lighted; is properly cleaned; enables each animal to be clean and dry, except when detrimental to the species; and, for dogs and cats, provides a solid surface, resting platform, pad, floormat, or similar device that is large enough for the animal to lie on in a normal manner and can be maintained in a sanitary manner. Under this chapter, shelters whose wire, grid, or slat floors: (i) permit the animals' feet to pass through the openings; (ii) sag under the animals' weight; or (iii) otherwise do not protect the animals' feet or toes from injury are not adequate shelter."

For more inforamtion, visit ABC13.


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