UPDATE: Hazing charges dropped against 8 in Radford University incident

Eight out of 17 men charged in a hazing incident near Radford University will not serve any jail time after a victim said he was branded while pledging a fraternity.

In September 2017, a pledge for the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity said he and other pledges were forced to drink large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time before being able to enter a party and were given a trash can outside in case they needed to vomit.

A warrant stated the pledges were escorted into a room covered in black trash bags to get a lap dance from strippers and were told to give their phones to "brothers." According to the warrant, the victim said he remembered being lightly "whipped" by a stripper before losing consciousness from the alcohol he drink earlier.

The victim told authorities he woke up the next morning on a couch in the basement of the home wearing only his boxer shorts and socks, and saw that his pants were placed neatly on the floor spread out, along with his cell phone and vape smoking device.

After he got to his dorm room, the victim told authorities that he noticed he had a serious wound and over the next several weeks had to visit the doctor several times and also needed numerous surgical medical procedures.

Of the 17 arrested, Radford University said only 15 were students.

Some of the charges the men face include hazing, purchasing alcoholic beverages for someone who shouldn't be drinking, and common nuisances.

In court on Thursday, February 22 a judge dropped the hazing charges against eight of the men after they all accepted plea deals.

For the names of the men involved and additional information on this story from ABC-13 WSET, click HERE.



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