New Tech Could Stop ALL Drunk Drivers

New technology in cars could stop anyone who is over the legal limit, from getting behind the wheel and driving drunk.

It’s revolutionary technology that Lynchburg resident Bridget Moore wishes was available sooner.

This is when my vehicle had spun around and the axle was completely knocked off,” Moore said as she described pictures of the crash.

Bridget Moore was hit by a drunk driver in Lynchburg about two years ago.

I guess I was just blessed to be alive because he tore my truck up,” Moore said.

According to court documents that driver has now pleaded guilty to three DWIs in the last five years.

Is it going to take for him to kill someone for something to be done?” Moore asked.

But how do you stop people like this?

Researchers in Sterling, Virginia say they have technology that would not just stop repeat offenders, but could possibly stop all drunk drivers. It’s a revolutionary technology and ABC 13 got an exclusive behind the scenes look.

In other words, both levels would have to spike to confirm it’s the driver’s breath that the system is detecting and that the driver is over the legal limit. But this is just one system being tested. There’s also a touch system that uses infrared light.

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