First Look At Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery Is Revealed!

Let's be honest, from the moment Pokemon Go was released in the Summer of 2016, there was chatter that they were going to do a Harry Potter version. 

As a Pokemon fan, I spent many an hour running around catching Pokemon. There's this spot on a local college campus where, if you stand just right, you can access three Poke Stop simultaneously. People would bait all three and anywhere from 50 to 100 people would be gathered around trying to catch Pokemon. 

Good times. 

I came a bit late to the Harry Potter party, right before the last book was released. But this Ravenclaw fell fast for the series. When I heard the rumors about a Harry Potter game, I was hesitant. Sure, we have Pottermore but I wanted something where it felt like I could live my Hogwarts years. 

Did you see the trailer that dropped yesterday? If not, take a look (or if you're like me watch it again).


What do they mean by Spring? Technically Spring officially starts March 23 which is three weeks away. Chances are they mean April or May. Chances are, we won't know until the last minute, not unlike Pokemon Go. 

I wouldn't be entirely upset though if they put it off until September 1st though. Then we could join James Sirius and Albus Severus on the Hogwarts Express. 

Game play looks like we will be a few years before Harry comes to Hogwarts. It will be interesting to see what Hogwarts in the late 1980s looks like. 

Some questions I have though. 

1. Will this game drain your battery like Pokemon Go? That's the primary reason I rarely play the game.

2. Is there Quidditch? I'm not sure how they would do it on a phone-based game but this Chaser would love to know if they can pull it off. 



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