Former VT student facing gun charges now in the custody of ICE

March 5, 2018 - A 19-year-old former Virginia Tech student, arrested on a firearms violation charge after a 'lengthy investigation,' is now in the custody of ICE at the Roanoke City Sheriff's Office.

Yunsong Zhao has been charged with possession or transportation of certain firearms by certain persons; according to a warrant, police arrested Zhao illegally had an assault rifle, while not being a U.S. citizen or while not being lawfully admitted for permanent residence to the U.S.

Zhao's charges were certified to a grand jury on Thursday, March 1 and a judge granted him a $2,500 bond, which Zhao posted over the weekend.

The judge said there is probable cause for the case to move forward, but that the Commonwealth's Attorney is going to have a hard time with the case.

Zhao was on a student visa, but he is not a student anymore since he was expelled by the school, so since he posted bond, he faced the chance of being deported.

Zhao has family in China and has no known criminal history, according another warrant, and lived in Cochrane Hall on campus.

The warrant showed that Virginia Tech Police learned Yunsong Zhao had an AR-15 that had been checked into the student gun locker on January 25 and investigators learned on January 22, Zhao bought a magazine with 30 rounds from Whitetail Outfitters.


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