Appalachian Power plans ahead for weekend snowstorm

March 23, 2018 - Appalachian Power crews are preparing for potential outages as this weekend's storm is set to bring wet and heavy snow. 

The expected track of the storm indicates snowfall across much of the company's service area. The snowfall could be heavy, wet and deep enough to damage trees.  Broken limbs and trees falling from outside rights-of-way can cause power outages. 

The company is securing additional workers in advance of the storm to include line workers and contractors from unaffected areas traveling to affected areas with power outages.  AEP says some of the crews will move Saturday morning into areas where damage is expected.  Appalachian Power has also secured commitments from workers outside the company‚Äôs service area, should their help be needed.

AEP says that customers can also prepare ahead for the storm by assembling an emergency kit with flashlights and fresh batteries; candles, matches, or lighters; water for drinking and cooking; canned goods and a manual can opener, and other supplies.  They also advise having a mobile phone charger and assisting restoration efforts by keeping electric hearing systems and water heaters turned of until several minutes after power is restored. 

The customer service number for AEP is 1-800-956-4237.  For outages and problems, click HERE.


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