Ryan Seacrest Surprises Lionel Richie By Singing On American Idol

This new season of "American Idol" seems to be full of talent, surprises, and plenty of antics from the judges. During last night's episode, those antics were kept to a minimum because there was a lot to get through with Bobby Bones' first appearance and 12 amazing performances. 

Towards the end of the episode, Brandon Diaz made a bold move by performing Lionel Richie's iconic hit, "Hello" right in front of Lionel Richie. 

As the duet concluded, Ryan came on stage, as he did with the other contestants, and through a series of events brought Lionel from where the judges were sitting to the main stage. What looked to be a duet became a trio of performances as Ryan Seacrest joined in for the chorus. 


On tonight's episode the 12 contestants that performed last night will do all-star duets before the 12 become seven. Next week, the process will repeat for the remaining 12 members of the top 24 taking us into live shows to vote our way to the next American Idol. 

Check out the rest of Brandon's solo below! 



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