Shelters Open Across Area For Those Affected By Storm


The Salvation Army of Greater Lynchburg said it is open to anyone who might need shelter Sunday night due to loss of power or destruction to their homes.

Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg is opening as a shelter for those who might need it, if you need to call for information, the number is 434-592-6100.

The Lynchburg Church of Christ on Leesville Road in Campbell County will be serving brunch on Monday, April 16 for the victims of the tornado and wind damage. It will be from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. and is open to the whole community. Firefighters, rescue personnel, and law enforcement are welcome as well.

Amherst County

According to EZ-Towing, Monelison Middle School and Winbridge Manor Bed and Breakfast have opened up as shelters in the Elon area. You can call the shelter at 434-846-1307 to see if a loved one is there. They said there are people trapped that rescue crews haven't been able to reach yet.

Elon Elementary School is opening as the command center that will be accepting supplies like water, snacks, and coffee after things have calmed down.

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