Appalachian Power hopes for 95% of customers to have power by Wednesday

April 17, 2018 - Appalachian Power is making progress restoring electric service for thousands of customers affected by Sunday evening's storms. At the peak, approximately 20,000 were without service.  Appalachian Power's goal is to have power restored to 95% of customers affected by the storm by midnight tomorrow.

The number of customers without power is down to about 5,000 and most of these customers are in the City of Lynchburg and Amherst County.  Restoration is nearing completion for customers in Lovingston and Campbell County. 

Nearly 300 Appalachian Power employees and contract workers are in the Lynchburg and surrounding areas assisting with restoration.  An additional 120 tree and flagging crews are also assisting. 

Reported damage includes more than 60 broken power poles, destroyed cross arms, and wire on the ground and in trees.  Workers report that utility damage has been especially prevalent through the path of the tornado.  

Downed trees and debris have made access especially difficult in some areas that received heavy damage. Locations where restoration will extend beyond midnight Wednesday include the Rivermont/Peakland area in the City of Lynchburg and the Abert and Elon communities in Amherst County. 

Click HERE for more information from Appalachian Power. 

Photo:  Scott Stevens


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