Lynchburg/Amherst Tornado Upgraded to EF-3

The National Weather Service has upraded the status of the tornado that touched down in Campbell County, Lynchburg, and Amherst County Sunday evening.

They said after additional analysis of damage photos and discussions with experts on tornado damage, they increased the maximum winds in the Elon community in Amherst County from 130 mph to 150 mph, which would be in the EF-3 category.

The NWS said it also completed a survey of damage that impacted Campbell County, Lynchburg, and Amherst County and confirmed a tornado with 20.4 mile long path length, with maximum wind speeds of 150 mph.

This puts it at the mid range of the EF-3 scale.The tornado first touched down in northwest Campbell County, just south of Waterlick Road and east of Timberlake Road doing EF-1 damage to trees, as well as some roof damage, with an initial path width of 100 yards.

It then tracked NNW, then NNE, and followed along the east side of Timberlake Road, damaging a number of businesses, flipping come cars and a truck trailer.

Rest of this story: ABC 13

Amherst Co.: Tornado leaves estimated $4.4 million in losses, 166 structures/homes damaged

City of Lynchburg: Storm leaves $7.5 million in damage, over 2,500 without power



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