Virginia mom fears missing daughter is a victim of sex trafficking

A Virginia  Beach mother is extremely concerned after her 13-year-old adopted daughter disappeared from their home. 

Erin Finley-Orick is worried that her daughter, Selena, is possibly the victim of human trafficking after communicating with a man online. 

It appears now that she was lured out - that someone had been basically courting her for quite a while until she trusted him enough to leave,” Finley-Orick said.

Police in Portsmouth have called Selena's disappearance a runaway case because they do not believe there is anything suspicious.

Her mother disagrees.

β€œIt's very stressful and worrying that that even happens at all,” she said

She added that it has been two weeks since she has had any sign from Selena.

More on the story HERE from ABC-13 WSET.


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