Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office warns of new scams

May 1, 2018 - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has recently encountered some new scams. 

Scammers are hacking into cell phones and using the contacts in the phone to find victims.  Suspects are impersonating the actual phone owner and are using text messages to communicate.  No voice-to-voice contact is made.  Victims are informed by the suspect that they have recently been involved in a lucrative money making deal and asks the victims to send them money to invest.  Since the messages are coming from someone in their contact list, the victims believe it is legitimate. 

Another scan involves using Facebook Messenger where someone is contacted by a "friend" regarding a money making system.  Once the victim contacts the sender, they are put in touch with a fraudulent business who then requests money orders to be sent to Nigeria.  In return, the victim wll receive a check from United Parcel Service (UPS) for a much larger amount.  The delivery truck then has an accident and needs money to repair the truck.  In one instance, they even sent a photo of a UPS truck that had been wrecked.  

The sheriff's office reminds the community to protect themselves and their personal information to avoid being a victim. 

Photo: Getty Images 


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