Christiansburg couple charged with child abuse and neglect

Two Christiansburg parents have been arrested after Christiasnburg Police said their children were living in filth.

According to a search warrant, Investigator McClanahan got a report of a possible child abuse case at a home on Dow Street on April 25, 2018.

After getting warrants for both Victoria and Benjamin Crockett, the children's mother and stepfather, the children were placed with family members, the warrant showed.

Victoria's sister was given the key to go in the home to care for the dogs that were left in the basement of the home.

She said she went into the home on April 26 and found a large box containing nine pistols, all loaded and a round in the chamber of each, plus seven cases of ammunition sitting on the floor at the front door.

The warrant shows Benjamin Crockett is a convicted felon.

Click HERE for more information on the story, including the search warrant, from ABC-13 WSET.


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