Bond granted for Christiansburg mother of children living in filth

A judge has granted bond for the mother accused of abusing her three children, but denied it for their stepfather.

Victoria and Benjamin Crockett are charged with four counts of child abuse and neglect; three for Victoria's children and one for their child that is under two-years-old.

According to a search warrant, they were living in a home with four children that was covered in dog feces.

The warrant showed that the entire downstairs floor was matted with dog feces, there was dog feces on the wall, and the small was unbearable. 

The kitchen was full of dirty dishes and mold, one sink was overflowing with water, there were holes in the wall, and their one-and-a-half-year-old had dog feces on the floor of their bedroom, their bedding was dirty, and all of the clothes in the dresser were filthy and smelled of dog urine, the warrant showed.

According to the warrant, there were seven dogs and 12 puppies living in the home.

Click HERE for more on the story, including a copy of the search warrant, from ABC-13 WSET. 


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