Pulaski Police: Man entering vehicles; scuffles with police and is arrested

May 16, 2018 - At approximately 5:21 p.m. yesterday, a report was made to the Pulaski Police Department that a man was attempting to enter the vehicles of people that were traveling on Washington Avenue near the train station. 

The individual succeeded in getting into the back of a pickup truck but soon jumped out.  He then entered a passenger vehicle. 

Officer M. A. Dunford arrived at the scene an attempted to have the individual exit the automobile.  At that time, the individual attacked the officer, striking him about the head and body.  A retired Pulaski County Deputy Sheriff and a Pulaski County Animal Control Officer witnessed the altercation and assisted Officer Dunford until additional police personnel could arrive. 

After multiple applications of less lethal techniques to control the man, he continued to assault, batter and resist the officers until he was finally subdued and placed into physical restraits.  

Two police officers received minor injuries with one being examined at the Pulaski Lewis-Gale Hospital.  

The subject who was arrested in the incident is identified as Andrew P. Hatmaker, 30, of Pulaski.  He, too, was transported by ambulance to the hospital. 

Hatmaker is charged with five counts of assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, tampering with a vehicle, possession of marijuana, and public intoxication.  He remains at the hospital at this time.  


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