"The Waltons" Cast Members Return to Nelson County

The Waltons

On a bright warm day in the heart of Nelson County, Waltons cast  members, Michael Learned, Judy Norton and Martha Nix shared stories  about their TV family.

"It's so beautiful, for starters, and we  always like getting together," said Michael Learned, who played the  mother, Olivia Walton. "We're really fond of each other, and you know,  it's a family reunion every time we get together."

They came to town for a Mother's Day/Father's Day Celebration,  honoring "Earl & Doris Hamner Sr., Earl Hamner Jr., Ralph Waite,  Will Geer, Patricia Neal, Ellen Corby and others."

Several  cast members attended the 45th Anniversary Reunion in March 2017 and Richard Thomas, who starred as John Boy in the show, was there for the 25th Anniversary of the Waltons Museum in October 2017.

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