2 Adults, 2 Juveniles Arrested Saturday Night Roanoke Street Fights

Roanoke Police say they made several arrests after responding to a large crowd Saturday night.

Officers responded to the intersection of Melrose Avenue and Lafayette Blvd NW at around 11:00 p.m.  When they got there, they found a large crowd of people, most of them juveniles, being disorderly and trying to engage in altercations.

According to police, the crowd blocking traffic, so more officers were requested to attempt to break them up.  Police used OC spray to get them separated.

Two adult women began to fight as the crowds dispersed. Natasha Smith, 39, and Jessica Mattox, 32, both of Roanoke were separated and arrested for disorderly conduct. They were then take to the Roanoke City Jail.

Two 15-year-old females from Roanoke were also taken into custody for disorderly conduct and later released to adults.

Police determined that there had been a private party at the K&J Cafe on Melrose Avenue that night.

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