Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring sues maker of OxyContin

June 28, 2018 - Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has filed a lawsuit accusing the maker of OxyContin of contributing to the nation’s opioid epidemic by falsely marketing its opioids as safe, effective and having a low risk of causing addiction.

Herring filed the lawsuit against Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma on Wednesday in southwest Virginia, where the rate of fatal prescription drug overdoses is more than four times the state average.

Herring said nearly 8,000 people have died from opioid overdoses in Virginia in the last decade, more than half from prescription opioids.

Nearly two dozen states have filed similar lawsuits against drug manufacturers. Virginia’s lawsuit alleges that Purdue Pharma violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act by making false claims about its opioids, including OxyContin.

More on the story HERE from ABC-13 WSET. 


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