Women Warning About Creepy Man Trolling River Ridge Mall Area

Several posts are circulating social media in Lynchburg about a man who's approaching women at local stores and asking them personal questions.

One post went viral after a woman put out a PSA about a man who asked her questions and tried to take her phone.

Women have reported that the man blocks them from getting into their cars in the River Ridge Mall and Target parking lots in Lynchburg.


Many claim he took their phone and all say he dialed the same number.Kendall McDowell, who is an employee at Journey's, said her Sunday shift started as a normal day until a man approached her.

"He starts asking me questions like where I went to high school, do I go to college?" she said.After speaking with her coworker, she realized it sounded like something she had just read and shared on Facebook.

"I actually shared the post two or three days before it happened," McDowell said. "Everything was really in line with that post. He was asking me personal questions, he kept complimenting my style, my outfit, saying he wanted to hang out with me."

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