Snake Slithers From Vent As Va. Woman Drives Down Road

A woman got a big shock while driving down Main Street in downtown Warrenton.

Lora Goff told the Washington Post that she was on her lunch break when she looked down next to her steering wheel to see a snake slithering out of the air vent. 

Goff said she tried to remain calm as she pulled off the road, jumped out of the SUV, and called police.

She also snapped a couple photos.

Animal  Control got to the scene and an officer tried to use a piece of  equipment to catch the snake, but couldn't, and it came farther out of  the air vent, started moving around the car, and fell down under the  front seat.

Goff told the newspaper that she had to get back to work so she drove back to her office with the snake still in the vehicle.

The rest of this story: ABC 13

Slithering snake


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