"Pay Your Age Day" Draws Large Crowds To Roanoke Mall

When Build-A-Bear announced the first-ever "Pay Your Age Day," parents of toddlers everywhere rejoiced at the idea of getting discounted furry friends for their little ones. 

At the Valley View Mall location, people lined up as early as 8am to have their chance to "pay their age." 

How did that work?

If your child was two, you paid $2. If they were seven you paid $7. A quick look at their website shows that, besides some mini-friends, the cheapest bear is $10.  This deal though, included every animal in the store - including some of the stuffed animals that cost $35 (the Star Wars line for example). 

Codi Tyree-Doula took her twins to the Roanoke location. They arrived and joined the line at the far side of the building. After making their way about half way through the line (pictured below), Build-A-Bear announced that no one else could join the line in any of their locations.

About 11:40am, Tyree-Doula and her twins were given a voucher for $15 off a purchase. The coupon expires August 4, 2018. 

After going downstairs to eat and do a bit of shopping, including a stop at Claires to get some mini stuffed animals that were on sale, they group left about 1:45pm. Tyree-Doula says there was still a line of people waiting to get in. 

Tyree-Doula was told that she could come back next month, the twins' birth month, and get the same deal. 


For more information, including pictures and videos from other Build-A-Bear locations, visit ABC13.


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