Moms Hilariously Lip Sync To Their Sons Playing Fortnite

Whitney Cicero and Angela Hoover decided to take advantage of all the lip sync videos gracing the internet to make their own.  The two recorded their sons playing the popular game, Fortnite and then lip sync'd themselves playing the game. 

I wasn't sure whether  to laugh or cringe though I did do a fair bit of both. It's rather funny to watch these two imitate their children, including a sequence where one of their sons lip syncs an exchange that I'm fairly certain they've had several times. 

One time, the moms "land" in Tilted Towers another in Dusty Divot. Both spots are rather popular, especially here on the United States serves. It seems like the boys were playing seriously as opposed to some the more amusing hi-jinks you see some of the more popular YouTube streamers getting up to. 

A fun bonus in this video, the moms imitate some of the classic Fortnite emotes. 

Take a look, if you know anything about the game, you'll no doubt be amused by the antics of these moms.  



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