Court Docs: Missing Pamplin Teen Was Shot, Murder Weapon Tossed in D.C.

Newly released court documents reveal gruesome details about the murder of a teenager from Pamplin.

Keelyn R. Codynah, Robert P. Keating, and David W. Newton have each been charged with one count of accessory to murder.

Juan Benavidez II is charged with a felony count of arson of a vehicle.

Court documents show that Metzger was shot at Keating's home in Spotsylvania County, then Codynah helped remove Metzger's body from the home and then cleaned the blood from the crime scene.

There were multiple people who knew of the murder, according to witness statements, and who assisted to help conceal the crime.

Documents also show that Keating took the firearm that was used in the murder and got rid of it in Washington, D.C.

Codynah told police that at 3 a.m. on Saturday, July 21, she was taken to a Travelodge hotel on Route 1, where she retrieved an item in room 206 owned by Metzger.

Human remains were discovered at different locations in the Fairview  Beach community of King George County Saturday, July 21 and were  transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond for  examination, autopsy, and positive identification.

Many more details can be found here: ABC 13



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