Is April The Giraffe Pregnant Again?

Last year, April The Giraffe became a live-stream star as people around the nation - and the world - waited for her to give birth to her baby.

Admit it, you were curious too and couldn't help but  turn in now and then or check your Facebook news feed since everyone was sharing the stream and information. When Taj was born in April of 2017, we couldn't help but smile. 

Jordan, the owner of Animal Adventure Park came on "The Today Show" with a very special announcement, April is pregnant! 

The baby is due in Spring 2019.  The baby was sired by Oliver, Taj's father. This makes April's 5th calf. 

Did you know that Giraffe are now listed as ‘vulnerable to extinction’ on the IUCN Red List? That their numbers have declined by 40% in the last 30 years? 

Check out the announcement below!



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