Arlington Fire Department Grants Wish Of Dog With Cancer

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington posted about 10-year-old Smoke on Thursday tugging at the heartstrings of people who are trying to make this little guy's bucket list happen. 

These items include: 

  1. find a forever family
  2. go on a hike
  3. eat ice cream
  4. go to the beach
  5. have a birthday party
  6. ride in a fire truck
  7. eat a cheeseburger
  8. have breakfast in bed- meet a celebrity
  9. ride in a police car and bay with the sirens
  10. get a fully body doggie massage
  11. go camping
  12. meet Santa
  13. be on TV
  14. jump in a big pile of leaves
  15. get a professional photoshoot
  16. go on a road trip
  17. get his own Instagram account
  18. ride in a convertible 
  19. get a huge box of toys to play with and share with his shelter friends!
  20. Visit Washington Nationals Park (maybe throw the first pitch?)

Some items, like eating a cheeseburger have already happened. The Arlington County Police Department announced on their Facebook that they will be helping with two additional items. 

"Here is Smoke, a 10 year old hound currently available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Smoke was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and shelter staff is unsure how much time he has left. You may have seen this story featured in local media, and today along with The Arlington County Police Department, we are going to help cross two things off his bucket list, a ride in a fire truck and police cruiser! Stay tuned for the video."

Smoke went to a foster family over the weekend for a visit. 

For more information, visit ABC13.



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