Lynchburg Humane Society Asks For Foster Homes For Kittens

The Lynchburg Humane Society is seeking people who will be willing to foster sick kittens and dogs and nurse them back to help. 

 Lynchburg resident, Jennifer Prince, heard about the need to foster sick kittens a few years ago.

"The Humane Society and other rescue centers are really great at providing you with everything you need, if you notice that they need any medical attention, they are there for you to answer questions," Prince said.

Right now the shelter is full and they need people to answer the call. 

Right now, for kittens and cats, we're having little peaks of upper respiratory infections, and for dogs, there's a little bit of pneumonia going around," Adoption center manager, Kayleigh Raposa, said.

Right now they are looking for foster homes for about 50 dogs and 150 kittens. They don't need much, just some time and love. 

LHS provides all the food and supplies you'd need to foster a pet.

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