AMBER Alert Issued For 12-year-old Abducted From Washington Airport

Virginia State Police and Virginia Missing Children Clearinghouse has issued an AMBER Alert on behalf of the Metro Washington Airport Authority, for a child abduction that occurred on August 2, 2018 at the Reagan Washington National Airport.

Police believe 12-year-old JinJing Ma is in extreme danger.

She's described as 4-foot-11, 90 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Police believe she was abducted by an unknown Asian woman with black hair, approximately 40-years-old, wearing a black dress, and about 5-feet-tall.

They said the 12-year-old was in America from China on a tour group, she got her passport just before checking in and left the group.

Police said she met up with the woman, who helped her change clothes, and then walked together to the arrivals area of the airport before disappearing out of camera view.

A witness also said he may have seen the same woman in New York City meet up with the 12-year-old and hand her food.

For further information contact the Metro Washington Airport Authority at 703-417-2400.Call 911 if you see anything.

Updates to this story: ABC 13



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