BREAKING: Lynchburg Dam Warnings Extended Through 6pm

The National Weather Service has extended the Flash Flood Warning for the City Of Lynchburg through 6pm. They are siting continued concerns over the integrity of the College Lake Dam.

The National Weather Service in BLACKSBURG has extended the
* Flash Flood Warning for...   The central City of Lynchburg in central Virginia...
* Until 600 PM EDT Friday
* At 1002 AM EDT, Emergency management reported that 4 to 6 inches   of rain overnight has caused College Lake Dam to remain above its   capacity. Although water levels have decreased, the threat for dam   failure continues. Emergency personnel will check the dam for   signs of structural failure today. Thus the Flash Flood warning   may need to be extended again later today.
* Some locations that will experience flooding include...   Lynchburg.
This includes the following streams and drainages... James River... Blackwater Creek... and Ivy Creek.
When it is safe to do so, please send your reports of flooding, including mudslides or flooded roads, to the National Weather Service by calling toll free at 1...8 6 6...2 1 5...4 3 2 4. Reports and pictures can also be shared on the National Weather Service Blacksburg Facebook page and on Twitter. 



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