Family Makes Hilarious Fortnite-Themed Black Eyed Peas Parody

I've been following the Holderness family for around a year now because their parody videos tend to be the perfect mix between hilarious and spot on and once again they've delivered. 

It seems surprising that it's already time for Back To School but with tax free weekend now behind us, it's a matter of days if not weeks before kids return. 

The Holderness Family got into the spirit of the season with a hilarious Black Eyed Peas parody video called "Time To Put Away Fortnite" and enlisted the help of their Facebook family to make it. 

They put out the call for parents to send videos of them turning off the widely-popular game and people delivered. There's even a couple hiding at the end of the video that didn't' make the cut - one that truly surprised me. 

Take a look below! 



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